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Designing Your Home From Your Pinterest Boards

February 16th, 2018

Designing Your Home From Your Pinterest Boards

Choose a Color Scheme
A color palette for your home should be first on your list. Every room doesn't need to be the same color, but you do want a cohesive look.

Mix & Match
Try not to recreate one particular pin. Fabrics and textures are a great way to create a unique feel in your home. You don't want to get trapped in the matchy matchy home catalog look, but you do want everything to tie in somehow. Make sure your items somehow relate to one another. Don't get everything at once. Spread out your shopping to ensure you get items that have differences between them.

Personal Expression
Statement pieces are in! Step outside the box and decorate with something that is unique to your family. For example, in our home we have an old military ammo box and a Jack Daniels whiskey barrel. Don't be afraid of the unusual!

Shop Smart
End of season sales are phenomenal! Your decor should absolutely change with the sea…

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